Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Finding Excellent Subcontractors In Your Area!

After 10 years of saving and waiting, we’re finally able to build our dream house. The thing is that neither of us knows much about constructing a home, so I went to to find out about it. This no-cost website was full of helpful information about the process of putting up a house, especially when it came to how to find subcontractors. If you’re in the same position I am – trying to get a house built properly – read on to learn some of what I found out.

Did you know that you have to find a contractor before finding a subcontractor? You’d think that makes sense, but as someone completely unschooled in the art of erecting a home, I wouldn't have known which comes first. We hired our contractor, and from there, we took advised us about getting the subcontractors lined up. I found that our contractor was an excellent place to begin our search because he’s been in the business for years and was comfortable with many companies that could provide foundation work or set up a septic tank, etc. There’s a lot that goes into home construction, and I’m glad we chose the contractor we did.

I wanted to know how to hire subcontractors besides relying on our contractor’s input, so provided a whole slew of data about what to look for and where to find it. The process is like hiring our contractor was, but the scope is more limited. We had to draw a detailed plan of the subcontractor’s part of the project, including written instructions and sketched diagrams. Next, we had to go looking for the best bid, which isn’t necessarily the lowest one; it may be that a really low offer indicates the use of inferior materials or craftsmanship. After that, we had to ensure that the subcontractor is properly licensed and insured, and we had to devise a suitable contract which clearly defined the type of work to be done, the price for the work, and the payment schedule.  We also had to specify who was doing the clean-up and debris removal, and when it was to be done, and we got a warranty in writing in case anything went wrong. Whew!

Because of, I was able to find subcontractors. I asked around to friends and family members that have had work done. I visited with vendors who deal with these professionals daily. I stopped by nearby construction projects, introduced myself, and got business cards form some of the subcontractors on-site. If it wasn’t for this user-friendly, free website, we’d never have gotten through the building of our new home. If you need some guidance with your construction project, give the website a call at 1-800-987-1397 for a free initial consultation.