Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Looking for a Good Local Contractor?

If you own a house for a long enough time there will come a time when you either need to make some repairs, or some home improvements. This could be fixing a leaky roof, repairing storm damage, or perhaps making additions like a deck or pool. Maybe you are handy with a hammer and saw, but any homeowner should know how to find a licensed contractor in their area who can be of immediate and reliable service.
  • Go online and search for a company that has a permanent location in your area of the state. Your preference should be one that has had a long history of experience working locally.
  • Make sure whoever you hire has a personal insurance plan. This would be their compensation and liability insurance plans. You never know what can unexpectedly go wrong during a building project. Be covered.
  • If there are several contractors in your area, get several quotes. There is nothing wrong with shopping around to find the best deal. Don’t sacrifice time or money for quality. You can end up paying more in the long run.
  • Make sure your contract is thorough. Get every detail in writing.

Your vision

So what type of project are you considering? During your search to find a contractor in your area you will learn that there are generally three types. A general building contractor works mainly on structures such as rooms and additions to your home. An engineering contractor will have specific knowledge of certain practices such as excavating that space for a pool, or installing a new septic system. Specialty contractors are those that do specific tasks such as electrical, plumbing, flooring, or working on your roof.

Get a few quotes

Once you made the final decisions on what you plan to do with you new project you can begin inviting suitable contractors over to talk about an estimate. They’ll probably take some measurements, look at their schedule, think about the material costs and labor associated and then put together a quote for you. It’s always good to get a second opinion from a competing company, so don’t sign on the dotted line right away. After you've had two or three quotes in front of you, decide what’s best for your budget and schedule, and write up a contract that covers everything.

Make up a good contract

Depending on the complexity of the project the company may need to find subcontractors to handle specific tasks. This can sometimes change the price dramatically. Most likely a skilled contractor will know if they will need the help of subcontractors before they begin working. To be safe, anticipate this and make sure no hidden fees can be charged by getting everything in writing. All materials and labor hours should be accounted for in the contract before signing anything.

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Getting the right Contractor for Your Home Repairs or Projects

Knowing how to find a good general contractor is something every homeowner should become familiar with. I live in a part of the country where houses are battered every year by severe storms. My neighbors and I are in need of making constant repairs to our homes, but most people will want to know where to find a contractor for even simple home improvement projects.

Don't fall for a scam, hire an honest professional

All too often people can  become the victim of home repair and improvement scams. You replace your roof by an out of state contractor and end up standing in puddles of water in their living room because of poor roofing. Now where was that contract again? Other contractors ask for money upfront and then disappear never to be heard from again. Therefore it is important to be a smart negotiator and shop for the best and most honest, professional deals available.
  • Always stay local. You will want to look for someone who has a permanent place of business in your hometown. Ask your insurance company for a recommendation. Most insurance companies will have agreements with the best contractors in your area.
  • Look for reviews. You can also contact the better business bureau to see if they have any recent complaints. Get a list of references from the prospective contractor and call these previous clients to ask about their experience.
  • Once you have decided on a contractor get everything in writing.
This will include labor, material costs, and the final total. You may get several quotes from different contractors and do a little shopping yourself to see who has the best deal available. Request a provision on the quotes that states you need to be notified if anything changes happen that need to be addressed. An example of a change might be if they had to find a Subcontractor for a specific unforeseen task. This will protect you from unexpected charges.

How to get started

To find a contractor go online and simply type in a search engine "contractors in..." whatever state or town you reside. Most likely there will be a list of available contractors immediately that you might even be familiar with. Collect a list of two or three contractors and call your insurance company and tell them "I'm trying to find a contractor in my area, are you familiar with these businesses?" Once you've done some preliminary background checks invite the contractors over to have a look at the repairs needed or whatever project you are planning for your home. Get several quotes together and price shop for the best deal.

Remember to never pay for anything upfront. Always get every detail in writing to cover yourself in the event of any problems. If they aren't willing to do exactly what you demand then you can simply keep searching for a contractor who will work well with you. You can find great help at www.Real-Estate-Yogi.Com. They will know of contractors in your area, so call them at 1-800-987-1397.